Pregnancy  Yoga

A special time in a woman's life your body is changing and once the baby is born your life will change again. Offering private classes for pregnant women to give her the tools to and empower her to make the right decisions for her and her baby 

Conception  Yoga

Personalised one on one to give you tips on how to conceive looking at diet and particularly stress levels is one of the main reasons why you may be finding it harder to conceive. I have had 4 pregnancies from my moonstone pendants so you can check out to check those out.

Birth Preparation Workshop

Available for couples or pregnant lady and her birth partner to attend a 3 hour work shop at the moment via zoom to give you the tools to assist in the type of birth you planned for and to feel empowered to go through this natural process. Learn to deal with the flight fight or freeze response to release oxytocin that is stronger than any synthetic painkiller to keep a relaxed body and mind and have a beautiful experience.

Post Pregnancy Yoga / Mum and Baby Yoga

Reclaim your body back gently ease your way back without your bump and possibility with your baby including them in your yoga class.


Isminaz Sancak

She is the best! I had sessions with many yoga teachers before but i never had session like with Lucy. Even the way she talks is relaxing. She explains everything you need to know and you want to know about what you are doing. I practiced with her during my pregnancy and it was amazing. Now i am looking forward to practicing with her again after my baby get a bit bigger!

Breach or Transverse Baby

Namaste beautiful mother's

Here are some pregnancy yoga positioning techniques for breech baby to help make space for the baby to move down to an OBP optimum birth position

(Remember do what feels good in your body listen to your intuition)

Try to avoid bad posture chest up shoulders back and hip keeps at an anterior tilt inwards rather than outwards. Same with sitting upright on a chair you can even turn the chair around to sit backwards on the chair to keep good posture of the spine and hips.

When you sleep at night this will affect the position try sleeping in the side of the body if you know which side the baby is lying sleep on the other side to flip the baby. And use a cushion between the knees. Some people say left side is best but if you know the side this could help.

Have you tried the Rebozo scarf technique? You can check that out a partner can help you with that also. Sophie Messenger explains this here

I would also suggest if possible seeing a local chiropractor who has experience with pregnancy.


Or if possible seeing an acupuncturist. I hope these techniques help you if you need anymore help with the positions let me know 🙏❤️ don't worry remember some babies turn right at the very last minute, stay relaxed and positive you got this xx